• The Smart Payroll is designed to help your business organise, track and automate employees data through a single integrated database. It helps in reducing the workload of your team so that they can concentrate on strategy-based activities while making more informed and better decisions about your business.
  • Do you offer FREE account?
  • Yes, we actually encouraged every clients to get a FREE account to explore and decide if the system will fit to their needs before committing to enter into paid service.
  • Can I keep my FREE account?
  • Absolutely, you can keep the account as long as we exist!. Under certain condition that you are really using it. Otherwise, we will delete your account and assign your space to other client.
  • Do you have support for FREE account?
  • Yes, we offer support thru knowledge base page,we regularly post documents to guide you on how to navigate the system.
  • What is paid account?
  • A type subscription with regular payment commitment. Unlike in free account, paid account enjoys these advantages priority support, dedicated server, higher storage capacity, feature upgrades and customisation
  • Do you support all biometric unit?
  • Practically yes, the system has timekeeping template so that you can upload data that you have downloaded from your existing biometric unit. For automation of pull and push of data from a biometric unit we are offering our tried and tested unit.
  • Why choose Smartpayroll system?
  • Our system is the most affordable solution in the market, and in fact it’s free! you can use the system and will only need to pay when your business starts to grow.
  • Do you offer customisation?
  • Yes, we are always looking forward to blend our system to your unique requirement. Customisation will be available only to premium subscription.

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